Welcome to the USS Argonne!

The Oculi Draco Sector is a rough area of space. Colonists try to scrape out an existence farming terraformed worlds or mining asteroid belts or gas giants. The sector is in the Beta Quadrant far from regular Federation space. It was slowly abandoned by the Federation, Starfleet relocated the last of her assets there during the Borg Crisis. Many colonies descended into civil chaos. Petty tyrants soon grabbed the paltry holdings. Pirates found a safe haven in the area. The sector became a shameful embarrassment for the Federation.

The Klingon Empire also once had a toehold there. Once the Kelinite mines ran dry the area was slowly forgotten about. The last of the KDF forces pulled out to fight in the Dominion War. A renegade house soon found their way to the sector and declared General Rul'chok declared himself a warlord. Soon, nearby Federation colonies had become vassal worlds to the warlord.

The Federation is now making the commitment to regain control of Oculi Draco. The USS Argonne, an Akira class vessel, has been assigned this task. The Argonne is a planetary assault ship. Her command and most of her crew are marines. This new vessel is not a typical Starfleet ship, dedicated to exploration and science, the Argonne is a ship of war.

The USS Argonne NCC-65817 Akira class is a rapid response vessel. She carries a reinforced company of marines and tactically configured runabouts. Her mission is to provide security and disaster relief to the Beta Quadrant of the Federation. The Argonne is there to fight pirates, rescue evacuees, and fight foreign militaries.

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