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Lieutenant Colonel Daisy Rohr

Name Daisy Rohr

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Lieutenant Colonel

Character Information

Gender Transgender
Species Human/Klingon
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3
Weight 205
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Daisy has a tall and athletic build. She keeps her hair long and typically in a pony tail. Although she is half human, her Klingon heritage is evident.


Father Conrad Rohr
Mother B'tanna Rohr
Brother(s) Ajax Rohr
Titus Rohr
Sister(s) Ambrosia Rohr

Personality & Traits

General Overview Daisy Rohr is a long time service veteran. She has a tendency to be a loner.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rohr does well during a fight. She is a veteran of both ground combat as an infantryman and as a ship commander.

Rohr does not deal with insubordination easily.
Ambitions Despite her successes, Daisy still thinks she has something to prove. Like many with Klingon blood, she enjoys a good fight.
Hobbies & Interests She enjoys listening to Classical Music. Klingon operas and Shakespeare also pique her interest. She also enjoys fencing and weapons use. When she can get off ship she enjoys spending time in the wilderness.

Personal History Aurelius Rohr was born and raised on the colony world of Korcyria III. Both of his parents were scientists. As a child during his walk to and from school he would pick flowers in a nearby and put them in his hair. At first it gave him the nickname 'Tulip' by his classmates. As there were no actual tulips on Korcyria, his nickname changed to 'Daisy'. It was a nickname that was used on him mercilessly.

Aurelius' mother taught him the Klingon language and Klingon ways. Aurelius was reminded that he and his siblings still belonged to House Tanj, even though they lived in the Federation. He was trained to use a bat'leth from an early age. Aurelius enjoyed spending time outdoors and playing sports. He did though have few friends and hard a time fitting in on the colony world.

Not content on living on a colony, Aurelius applied for the Star Fleet Academy. At the academy Aurelius was a mediocre student but a good athlete. It was during her time at the academy that Daisy decided to stop living as a man and start living as a woman. This included medical treatments to make her female. It was also at this time that she officially took the name 'Daisy', her previous nickname.

The Dominion War started shortly before she graduated. When she arrived at her first assignment, to the 22nd marine infantry Regiment, the unit had almost been entirely destroyed at the battle of Menin II. Although Daisy was only a 2nd Lieutenant just out of the academy, the lack of officer meant she was in temporary command of a company.

Daisy and the 22nd Marines took back Menin II at great cost to themselves. The 22nd achieved its objectives. Daisy had proven her ability to lead. The 22nd was rebuilt after the battle.

The 22nd took in replacements and were again involved in combat operations. They were part of a task force assigned to destroy a relay station on the once Federation colony of Nova Kalinga. The operation was to take place at the same time as the coalition fought the battle of Chin'toka. The task force took and destroyed the installation on Nova Kalinga. They soon found themselves overwhelmed as the task force's ship borne fleet was destroyed or driven off. The forces in the ground operations were besieged for several weeks by Dominion and Cardassian ground units.

Daisy's Klingon heritage saved her from injuries that would normally kill a Human. She eventually led the 22nd after all other officer were casualties. What was left of the 22nd was eventually evacuated by cloaked Klingon vessels.

The 22nd was rebuilt yet again, this time for the assault of Cardassia Prime. The 22nd was tasked with the destruction of several gun emplacements along the Cardassian defensive line. After brutal close quarter fighting with Jem'Hadar, the gun emplacements were destroyed. The 22nd was then transported to Cardassia Prime and landed in the second wave. They fought the viscous house to house fighting in the capitol city.

After the war Daisy was reassigned to the USS Maria Theresa as the marine detachment commander. The Maria Theresa was assigned to patrolling the Triangle as pirate interdiction. There were many deserters and mutineers that fled there after the war came to a close. Most of the Star Fleet mutineers were caught and many Klingon and Romulan renegades were captured or killed.

2383 saw big changes in Daisy's life. House Tanj, Daisy's mother's Klingon house, was under attack from rival houses. Daisy resigned her commission in Star Fleet and joined her brother in the KDF. The officers of the KDF had worked closely with Star Fleet officers during the Dominion War so there was an easy transition.

There are only three ships in the service of House Tanj. Her brother was assigned to the flagship and Daisy was assigned to the newest vessel, the IKS Soloq. Daisy never had a lot of experience or training as a bridge officer so need to learn fast as a first officer. She performed her duties well. The Soloq went into many battles against rival house ships and managed to survive. Daisy learned her craft as a bridge officer and became a valued crewman.

Daisy eventually took became the captain of the Soloq. The commanding officer had been killed in an ambush when the crew was planetside. Eventually the rival houses broke off the feud. Daisy was tired of service in the KDF. She had an amiable split with her house and the KDF.

Daisy reapplied for her commission and it was reinstated. With experience as a bridge officer, albeit in a foreign service, she applied for ship command. She completed command school and was assigned as First Officer aboard the USS Tobruk. She served well and her captain recommended her for a command.
Service Record 2368-2372 Star Fleet Academy

2372-2375 Assigned to 22nd Marine Infantry Regiment as platoon leader. With the outbreak of the Dominion War Daisy often had to act as a temporary company commander.

2375-2379 Assigned to 403rd Marine Infantry Regiment as a company commander later as a battalion executive officer.

2379- 2383 Assigned to the USS Maria Theresa as the marine detachment commander.

2383-2385 No longer in Star Fleet service. Holds commission in KDF. Assigned to IKS Soloq as First Officer.

2385-2387 Assigned to IKS Soloq as Commanding Officer

3387-2389 Returns to Star Fleet. Assigned to USS Tobruk as First Officer

2389- Assigned to USS Argonne as Commanding Officer