The Sim

USS Argonne NCC-65817 is an Akira class ship configured for marine landing operations. The science department has been eschewed for more medical and living space. More runabouts with mission specific configurations replaced some of the fighter wing normally assigned. The enlisted security personnel, with the exception of those in specialty areas, have been removed and marines now conduct most of their duties.

Marine Ship-borne Operations: While not assigned to ground operations, marine infantrymen will provide security to the ship on a rotating basis. They will conduct duties such as guarding sensitive areas, patrolling the ship, and providing personnel to a quick reaction force or QRF. Officers from the Security Department will supervise these operations. The Security Department is still responsible for criminal investigations, interrogations, control of the central armory, and operating the brig.

Marine sappers or combat engineers while not assigned to ground operations will be assigned to damage control parties on a rotating basis. They will be under the supervision of the damage control officer from the Engineering Department.

Runabout Operations: The primary goal of the runabouts is to support marine ground operations. The four Arrow Class runabouts assigned to the Argonne have been configured to hold up to fifty fully armored and equipped marines or up to sixty evacuees. They are intended for short tips such as if the Argonne was in orbit over a planet or in the same star system.

Danube class runabouts configured as a gunboat have a two tube photon torpedo launcher module added. While the vessels have a large amount of firepower for their size, the gunboat is loaded with torpedoes and has no room for any passengers or amenities.

Sometimes casualties need to be evacuated and the ship's transporters cannot be used. Danube class runabouts configured as a Medical Evacuation configuration or MEDIVAC can hold up to four passengers that need intensive medic attention or up to twelve casualties with ambulatory injuries.

There are times the Argonne needs more eyes and ears. The Advanced Warning And Control or AWAC configuration has a large sensor module attached. The sensor package expands the runabout's reconnaissance capabilities. These vessels can also be used in search and recuse operations. Another role for them is as command and control vessels when multiple runabouts are used during the same operation.

542nd Marine Rifle Company: The 542nd Marine Rifle Company is a reinforced rifle company. The 542nd is made up of two rifle platoons, a weapons platoon, and a sapper platoon. The company's two rifle platoons are with the standard three rifle squads of three teams each. The company's weapons platoon is composed like a standard rifle platoon, the weapons platoon operates much like a rifle platoon with the exception that if the mission dictates the weapons platoon will operate mortar teams or teams heavy with isomagnetic disintegrators.

The sapper platoon is made up of combat engineers as opposed to infantrymen. Sappers often form demolitions teams to breach obstacles or fortifications. The sapper platoon is responsible for drones and typically operates them. They also operate plasma throwers. These teams are often attached to rifle platoons to provide their specialized skills.

307th Fighter Wing: The 307th Fighter Wing is unusual in that it has marine pilots instead of the typical Starfleet pilots. The reasoning is that as the Argonne is marine ship with a large contingent of marine infantry, the marine pilots supporting them would function better. As a carrier borne wing, the wing as two squadrons instead of the normal three.

Game Master Notes: The USS Argonne started life as an NPC ship. She would support the main the task force by transporting the marines to the force's objective. I enjoyed writing for this ship a lot and thought that she deserved her own sim.

I also wanted to create a sim where the marines are much more involved in ship operations besides being the occasional muscle. Too often writers pigeon hole marines as some sort of video game like super fighters on one extreme or thoughtless chest thumping brutes on the other. On the Argonne they are more than that. They handle a large part of security, can have intelligence officers, and the commander of the ship is a marine.