Old Road, New Horse

Posted on Sun May 13th, 2018 @ 10:39am by Lieutenant Colonel Daisy Rohr

Mission: Out of the Shipyard
Location: Star Base 71, Command Module
Timeline: Current

Lieutenant Colonel Daisy Rohr entered the Admiral's office. Daisy saw a middle aged woman with grey hair and recongnized her as Rear Admiral Parker. To Parker's left was a large framed man, the commander of the fleet's marine division, Brigadier General Barlow. Both were sitting around Parker's desk.

"You wanted to see me Admiral?" The half Klingon woman asked respectfully.

"Hello Colonel Rohr." Parker cheerfully greeted Daisy. "Please have a seat."

As Daisy found her seat Barlow continued. "So Colonel Rohr, Captain Mendoza gave you impressive marks in your fitness report. Admiral Parker and I have decided you have earned your own command."

Daisy was elated but also a little cautious as she had yet to hear what unit she would be commanding. "It would be an honor." Daisy replied. "Which battalion would I command, General?"

"Your not going to be commanding a battalion. You'll be in command of a ship." Barlow replied with some amusement, anticipating Daisy's reaction.

"A ship?" Daisy was genuinely surprised. "Are you sure?" Daisy asked but immediately wanted to explain herself. "I mean I'm honored and will take the position but I'm not a bridge officer, I'm a marine officer."

"You were the first officer aboard the USS Tobruk." Parker chimed in. "You also commanded a Vorcha class ship during your short time with the KDF. Given that command feels your qualified to command a ship."

"Also, the ship you are going to command has isn't your typical exploration type of vessel." Barlow continued. He then brought up a display screen. "This is the USS Argonne, she is an Akira class cruiser. Her mission, and yours, is to provide direct ground support operations for marine landing forces."

"Is that why you chose me?" Daisy asked. "Because I'm a marine officer?"

"Yes." Parker answered. "You have a special set of skills and experience both as a marine officer and as ship's command officer."

Daisy smiled. "Where is the Argonne?" She asked.

"She is just out of the shipyards and docked at McKinley Station. She is a new ship. Your slated on a shuttle tomorrow at 0600 to fly out to her. He assumed you would take the command so we booked a shuttle for you." Parker smiled.

"Yes, Admiral. Thank you." Daisy smiled back.

"So unless you have any other questions?" Barlow asked.

"No General, thank you." Daisy replied.

"Your dismissed Colonel. Good luck and get to your ship." Parker told her.