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Out of the box

Posted on Mon Jul 9th, 2018 @ 10:51am by Lieutenant Braelynn Wilson MD & Lieutenant Colonel Daisy Rohr
Edited on on Tue Feb 26th, 2019 @ 3:40pm

Mission: Out of the Shipyard
Location: USS Argonne, Bridge
Timeline: Current

Daisy put her bat'leth up against the wall behind her desk. She looked at it proudly for a moment. She then started to light a few candles in her office. Outside some techs were still running tests and making last minute corrections to the ship. Only a few of the crew had arrived. This was probably the only time Daisy would have a chance to sit in her ready room and relax.

"Computer: Reduce lighting totally," Daisy ordered and the lights slowly dimmed off, leaving the room illuminated by candlelight.

Lieutenant Braelynn Wilson MD arrived on the bridge, her uniform was brand new and she felt overworked and tired. She was also wearing the lab jacket over her standard duty uniform. She looked around at the USS Argonne's bridge as a gentle smile graced her lips.

A young Lieutenant regarded her. "Can I help you, El-Tee?"

"Is the skipper around?" the tall female inquired.

"I believe she's in the ready room, right over there."

"Thanks, El Tee," Wilson answered in a gentle tone of voice, as he moved off, she turned and went over to the ready room door.
With a soft sigh, Wilson tapped the door chime as she had no idea of what to expect. It seemed that every skipper she ever had was different and it was coming across like this would be no different.

Daisy sat up straight. She wasn't expecting anyone today. "Computer: Bring lights back up to full." She ordered. "Enter!" She yelled.

The door opened and in walked Lieutenant Braelynn Wilson. "Captain." Wilson greeted the other woman. "Lieutenant Braelynn Wilson reporting for duty sir." she added after she came to attention.

"You must be our CMO?" Daisy asked. "I'm Lieutenant Colonel Daisy Rohr. Glad to meet you. Please relax and have a seat." She offered.

Wilson nodded. "I am, yes," she responded as she slid her slender form into one of the chairs. "I'm Sorry sir, I don't often see Marines commanding Starfleet ships, it's a little unusual." Wilson paused a moment. "But then I suspect that this ship will be a little unusual."

"First, you don't have to call me sir. You can call me Daisy. And yes, the Argonne is a bit different. We are a rapid response ship with a large detachment of marines. That's why I'm the captain. I do have experience as a bridge officer though so this isn't totally new to me." Daisy told Wilson.

"Oh." Wilson paused. "I'll admit, I was not sure of what to expect with a Marine in command of a Starship. It's a little strange."

"It is a little unorthodox, I agree. That said, the primary role of this ship is to support marine operations and as a marine officer I know what the marines are going to need support wise." Daisy replied.

Wilson raised an eyebrow. "Well, this assignment just became a whole lot more interesting." She responded as the tall female regarded the part Klingon female before her. "Still. Do you have any special requests of me, keep the extra special children out from under your skin and whatnot?" before Wilson smiled.

"Not yet, Doctor. As there aren't many high ranking officers aboard, odds are you are going to be the second officer." Daisy told Wilson.

Wilson raised an eyebrow. "I'm not sure if that's good or bad. I'll go with bad and plan accordingly." Wilson suddenly grinned at the other woman. "Or maybe I'm just being cynical. I'm good with this... Anyway, the crew physicals are coming along well and by the time we leave the dock, I should have poked and prodded everyone. I love my job."

"And your job is important. If any of the marines give you or your staff any issues, let me know please." Daisy told her.

"I will do that," Wilson answered with a smile. "Do you require anything special of me Daisy?, special regs and special requests and the like."

"No, not yet anyway." Daisy smiled back. "It's good to have you aboard."


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