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A Minor Reunion

Posted on Thu May 17th, 2018 @ 10:50pm by Lieutenant Colonel Daisy Rohr & Lieutenant Christina Hartley

Mission: Out of the Shipyard
Location: USS Argonne
Timeline: Current

Daisy returned to her desk. "Coffee, black." She ordered from the replicator before sitting down. It had been a long day. More and more personnel were coming aboard and the Argonne was close to leaving the docks.

Daisy stretched out in her seat. She then picked up her PADD and started to scroll over the new personnel files. She stopped suddenly as a name caught her eye. She stared at the file or a moment. She then put the PADD on her desk as she flew out of her ready room. She made her way through the turbo lift to main engineering.

As Daisy entered engineering she saw a few tech and dock workers making routine checks on some of the systems. She then spotted a beautiful woman looking at an engineering display.

"Christina!" Daisy called out, waving to the woman as she caught her attention.

Christina turned around, seeing the woman she had been in love with for years, and made her way over to her. Since there were only a few people around, and no one looking at them, Christina smiled and planted a kiss on Daisy's soft lips. "Hello my love." Christina said, as the kiss ended. "I'm glad you came down. But I was going to come up to see you in a few minutes." She said, with the cute smile that Daisy loved.

"I was surprised you are assigned to this ship." Daisy smiled back. "How are things?"

"Better, now I'm here. Had to call in all my favours to get assigned to this ship, but it was worth it." Christina said, holding Daisy's hand. "It is okay that I did that? I tired of being away from you."

"If that's what you wanted, this ship has a dangerous mission. Plus it's full of marines and you know what type of people marines are?" Daisy joked with Christina.

"I should do. I fell in love with the toughest marine I ever did meet." Christina replied, with a sly grin.

Daisy tried to put on a stern demeanor but Christina's words made her blush. "Okay, well let's get dinner at the station before we leave?"

"Sounds like a good plan to me. I brought some wine with me, several bottles of Merlot. And some Klingon food, including some fresh Gagh." Christina said, as she walked out of Engineering with Daisy.

"Where did you get fresh Gagh?" Daisy asked. "How are you keeping it alive?"

"Contact on Earth, Engineering Corps. And I was able to acquire a stasis container to keep it alive." Christina replied.

Daisy's eyebrows raised. "I should never underestimate your ability to get things done. You always seem to amaze me."

"That's why I wanted to be here. You deserve the best of the best." Christina said, with a grin. "I haven't had myself assigned quarters yet. I didn't want to assume you'd want me living with you, of course."

"I want you assigned your own quarters. I still want you living in my quarters full time. It is just that sometimes a ship captain's life can be hectic. I want you to have a place of refuge if things get too stressful." Daisy explained.

"Honestly? If things get stressful Daisy, I'll be right by your side." Christina said. She stopped and faced her. "I know you think you need to do everything on your own, being the Captain, but I've never stopped being by your side. I don't intend to start now." She said.

"I know CJ." Daisy smiled widely. "I still want the quartermaster to assign you quarters, even if you never use them. As a department head your entitled to them."

"Alright, I could always use them as a lab." Christina replied, with a grin. "Just remember sweet cheeks, you and your sweet ass are stuck with me, forever. I love you."

"I love you too." Daisy replied. "I need to get back to work. Will you be free by 2000 hours?"

"I'll have dinner ready by then." Christina said. "What would you like for dinner?"

"I would like us to go out and have a diner on the station's promenade. Let's have some one else do the cooking tonight." She replied.

Christina smiled, looking at her. "Alright, we'll have a dinner date. Good thing I brought that low cut red dress you brought for me." Christina teased. "And if you're very good, or very naughty, I might have to wear something special underneath it for your eyes only." She said, running a finger across her lips teasingly.

Daisy slowly digested Christina's words. Daisy forgot she even had civilian clothes with her, much less thought about wearing them. Daisy planned to go in her duty uniform. Christina was right though, better change into something fun and sexy instead of military. Now she just needed to figure out what clothes she had in her quarters. "That will be lovely." Daisy replied.

"Good." Christina said, smiling at Daisy. She grabbed the woman's ass, and squeezed it. "Gods, you are so gorgeous." She said, glad to be back with her. "I would have done anything to get here with you. Besides, next week's our anniversary, so I wanted to do something special for you, especially after everything you've done for me in my life."

"Alright, I'll meet you in the transporter room at 2000 hours." Daisy smiled.

"Good." Christina said, walking down the corridor, wriggling her ass at Daisy and blowing her a kiss.


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