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Putting your worst foot forward

Posted on Mon Jul 9th, 2018 @ 10:02am by Lieutenant Colonel Daisy Rohr & Warrant Officer Bridget "Banshee" Cavanaugh & Gunnery Sergeant Sybil Hopkins & Lance Corporal Sharr'yvi "Yvi" T'zai & Lance Corporal Kurt Halbrekt & Private 1st Class Vadala

Mission: Out of the Shipyard
Location: USS Argonne
Timeline: Current

Private Vadala kept to herself as the loaded Arrow class runabout made its way to the Argonne. She was a stranger among these peoples and her home was now destroyed. She joined the Star Fleet Marines as a matter of survival more than anything. Whether or not this society excepted her she did not care.

"Hey ugly." A marine named Mott shouted at her. "Why did you join the marines?" He asked.

Vadala ignored him. That just irritated Mott. "I know the universal translators are on so I know you understand me. Answer my question. Why did you join Star Fleet Marines?"

Vadala looked at Mott. "I understood your query. I found it insulting so I am ignoring it."

Mott got up from his seat and moved towards Vadala. "I don't like you." He told her. "I don't like your mouth."

Gunnery Sergeant Hobbs, who was trying to do work on her PADD, took notice. "Private Mott, this transport is still in flight. Get back in your seat."

Mott ignored Hobbs. "I can't forget your horrible face. I just want a name to go with it."

Vadala snarled. Before she could react Hobbs spoke up. "Private Mott, in your seat now Marine."

Mott sheepishly moved back to his seat. Next to Mott Corporal Easton leaned over. "That Hobbs is a toothless old crone. She's all bark and no bite."

"She put Mott in his place." Lance Corporal Amlari smiled at Easton. "And she is more of a leader than you'll ever be."

"Your a stupid fool Amlari." Easton shot back. "Your so stupid just getting your boots on correctly in the morning is a small victory."

"I don't care about the old bitch and I don't care about that blue slut." Mott barked. "That Reman girl disrespected me."

"Don't get mad Mott, get even." Easton coolly told him.

"Why don't you just leave her alone?" Werner, who had been uncharacteristically quiet so far, spoke up.

"Who asked for your opinion Werner?" Easton snapped back.

"Nobody asked me nothing." Werner replied. "I'm just thinking your making a lot more trouble than you need."

"Shut your face." Mott angrily told Werner. "Just because your big doesn't mean anyone is afraid of you."

"Not trying to start a fight here. I'm just thinking that you don't know anything about her. Why not just leave her alone?" Werner asked.

"Your not my daddy. You don't tell me what to do." Mott replied. He the stood up and went over to Vadala. "You just started the wrong war Ugly."

"Your breaking several safety protocols. Return to your seat." Vadala replied.

"You gonna make me?" Mott challenged Vadala.

"In your seat now Mott or I'll have you thrown in the brig!" Hobbs shouted at Mott.

It was then that Easton got up out of his seat and started unlocking the mag clamps that held down the cargo containers.

"What the hell are you doing Easton? Stop that now and get to your seat!" Hobbs shouted. Easton ignored her and kept working.

In the front of the runabout Warrant Officer Cavanaugh was piloting the craft. "This is runabout Arica to Argonne. Asking permission to land."

A Caitian's voice came over the comm. "Permission granted Arica. Welcome aboard."

Cavanaugh carefully maneuvered the large Arrow class vessel into the tight hangar bay. It was her first time flying an arrow class and she was a little nervous.

Meanwhile Mott continued to harass Vadala. "Your nothing here. Nobody wants you here. You should just quiet and go back to where you came from."

Vadala was angered that this brute in front of her casually mentioned her destroyed home. "I am from the planet of Remas. Even the most thick headed dolt knows that. Yet that fact has escaped your limited intellect."

It took a moment for Mott to realize he had been insulted. When he did his face lit up in a rage. "You alien bitch!" He shouted as he started to beat on Vadala.

"Damn it Mott!" Hobbs shouted as she burst from her seat towards the enraged marine.

Before she could Werner was already there. He picked up Mott and flung him away. The flying Mott barely missed Hobbs and instead landed on Cavanaugh. Having two hundred pounds of marine suddenly land on her ruined the pilots concentration. The Arica turned sideways, crashing into the wall of the hanger and the smaller shuttle Greenbriar. The heavy metal cargo boxes Easton had unlocked now were spilling all over the cabin.

As the klaxons were screaming and red lights flashing there were several moans in the runabouts cabin.


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