Sorting Out The Mess

Posted on Mon Sep 10th, 2018 @ 9:10am by Lieutenant Colonel Daisy Rohr & Warrant Officer Bridget "Banshee" Cavanaugh

Mission: Out of the Shipyard
Location: USS Argonne, Captain's ready room
Timeline: Current

Cavanaugh chimed the door to the Captain's ready room. "enter" came a voice from the other side. Cavanaugh drew in a deep breath to control her anxiety as she entered the office.

"Warrant Officer Cavanaugh reporting Captain." She stated formally to Rohr.

"Hello Mr. Cavanaugh. Please relax." Daisy told her. Bridget smiled a bit but her posture remained stiff.

"I'm sure you know why you're here?" Daisy asked. Bridget nodded but said nothing. "Okay, in your own words, please tell me what happened." Daisy requested.

Bridget took in another deep breath and was a bit nervous looking as she answered. "I was attempting to land the runabout. There was some shouting in the cabin. I ignored it as I was trying to land the runabout. That's when one of the marines hit me from behind. I lost control of the runabout just for a second but we where already in the shuttle bay so there was no room for error. I crashed the shuttle." Bridget stated as her eyes were starring at the deck and not looking at Daisy.

"Captain," Bridget nervously continued, "With all due respect I'm not sure what the marines told you. I do have concerns they will try and protect their own though. With all due respect, you being a marine and all."

Daisy nodded. "Thank you for bring up your concern." She replied coolly. "I appreciate that you were honest even though that may have influenced me negatively." Daisy told Bridget.

"That said, I've talked to the marine NCOs on board the runabout. They all more or less give me the same story." Daisy informed Bridget.

"Does that mean I'm cleared and you won't seek charges against me?"

"Here is the crux, this accident happened when we are in port. If this happened out in space, it would be my call and I would clear you. As it is, all I can do is send in a report with my recommendations. The Port Master will decide." Daisy explained.

"How long will the process take?" Bridget asked.

"I don't know. We will find out when star base command is ready to tell us." She replied.

"Am I still assigned to the runabouts?" Bridget asked.

"No." Daisy curtly replied.

"What! So I'm grounded?" Bridget asked, obviously a little upset.

"No, your not grounded. Your just being reassigned to the bridge. Right now we don't have a helmsman. I need someone to to fly the ship." Daisy explained.

That news calmed Bridget down a bit. "Captain, with all due respect and I understand that piloting the ship is an honor, I would rather fly runabouts."

"I understand Mr. Cavanaugh. Your opinions are noted. However, right now I need a helmsman and your the most qualified. When we are assigned a proper flight control officer you will be reassigned to the hangar bay. Until that happens, your flying the Argonne. Dismissed."